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Hawaii car rental company turo is back, and it’s coming with a vengeance

Hawaii car rentals company tiro is back!

It just added two new locations, and the newest addition is a full-service luxury car rental service, called Turo Car Rental Kona.

The service launches next month in Hawai’i and has been available in Honolulu since May of 2017.

The company’s name and logo are also new.

It looks like the car rental space will be available at the popular Kona hotel.

While Turo is primarily a car rental business, it also has a luxury car leasing service.

And Turo’s new car rental partners will be the new owner and operators of the company’s new flagship, Kona Car Renting.

According to a press release from the company, the new locations will open in January 2019.

The news of the new Kona location was announced on Tuesday, March 12, and was also confirmed by a press conference held on March 13.

“We’re excited to be opening a brand new location in the heart of Kona,” said Tiro CEO, Chris Noyes.

“This new location will be our first in Hawaii and will bring us close to our customers, as well as our partners who have been a major part of the success of the Kona business.”

The press release goes on to describe the K-car as the company “delivers unparalleled luxury car rentals to the people of Hawaii.”

The car rental experience is not only affordable, but also fun.

In addition to the Kawa, Tiro also offers a “luxury car” for sale.

The car is a luxury model that offers the latest in technology, including GPS, driver assistance and a safety system.

“The new K-Car will have everything you could want to know about a car you love,” said Noyers.

“It’s a luxury experience, with the latest tech and comfort.

It will have you ready to go at any time, and you’ll never have to wait for a ride again.”

The new Koa location will also feature a separate “lifestyle” car.

The Koa Car Renter will be able to rent out their Kona car for as little as $5 per day.

The owner will pay for the rental, but the rental is a one-way deal.

If you’re not a car owner and have a vehicle that can be rented, the rental can be arranged by the car’s owner for as low as $10 per day and then the rental ends.

The new luxury car service will be located in the Waikiki area.