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When a car rental company says you can rent your car anywhere

A car rental firm in Fresno, California, is claiming that a homeowner can rent his car anywhere. 

 According to the company, a customer is “the best choice to rent a car in Fresno.” 

According the company’s website, the company has a fleet of “over 100 vehicles” available for rent. 

The Fresno Police Department tells KFSM that it’s investigating the complaint. 

In a statement to local ABC affiliate KFMB, the Fresno Police said the company had been renting cars in the area for more than a year. 

“It is a violation of Fresno’s Vehicle Rent Ordinance that the property owner refuses to rent the car to anyone,” Fresno Police Sergeant Mike Breslau told KFMT.

“That means the property has been rented to the owner.”

Breslak told KFSMB that the Fresno Rent Ordnance also states that an owner has the right to rent their vehicle, but “no other property owner can refuse to rent it to another.”

Bret Baier reports for The Washington Post.