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‘We’re going to take this car to Cleveland!’

The world’s first supercar.

The world’s first super car.

The car is an exotic and extremely rare supercar, made by a German company called CarboSciences.

It was designed by a team of engineers who had built a Porsche 911 and a McLaren F1 supercar and put it together on the side of a mountain in Germany.

It was named the “Super Car” after its performance capabilities, but it was a little bigger than the car the Germans had built.

It weighed a little over 1,000 pounds, and it was nearly 200 feet long.

The Carbo-Science team built the car from scratch.

You might not realize it from watching the car, but the car was built from the ground up for racing.

As the name implies, the Carbo Supercar is a racing car.

This means the team built an entirely new car for the purpose of racing, with a set of rules and regulations, so that it would be as close to the original rules and procedures as possible.

It took almost two years for the car to be built, and the team didn’t just build it, they tested it in the wild and in different environments, including snow, mud, ice, and even in an airplane hangar.

Carbo-Society also built the entire chassis, body, and interior of the car itself.

In this video, you can see how the car works, and how it is powered.

On the inside of the Super Car, the car had an internal combustion engine and an air compressor.

The car has four exhaust pipes, each measuring around six feet wide and four feet tall.

It is a single piece of aluminum that has been machined to create an air filtration system.

The air is sucked into the car and then passed through a special duct that is connected to the car’s brakes and throttle.

The car also had a suspension system with a new front axle, which has been designed to be adjustable, and a set-up called a rear axle.

The front axle has an adjustable height to allow for different driving situations.

Each of the six wheels in the car has a different set of specs.

The wheels have a diameter of about six inches and a width of about two inches, with the center of gravity located at the bottom of the wheels.

The tires have treads measuring about four inches in diameter and six inches wide.

They are made from carbon fiber, and they are covered with a special, thick coating of rubber that provides better traction.

The interior of a supercar is covered with the same carbon fiber that is used for the suspension.

The seats are made of carbon fiber and have a cushioning system that is attached to the body of the seat.

One of the things the Supercar team did not want was the supercar to get damaged.

The cars tires were coated with a kind of synthetic rubber, and these are extremely hard.

So when the SuperCar team tried to break the car up and put the pieces back together, they had to make a decision to have the car put into a different factory than the original.

That means they had the car built and tested in an entirely different place, and that meant they had an entirely totally different set, different rules, and different regulations.

They also had to design the car so that the cars brakes and the accelerator worked at the same time.

The team went with an electro-hydraulic system that works like a spring instead of a hydraulic spring.

This allowed the car not to go down a hill, and to not hurt the brakes.

The entire car was designed to last as long as the original car.

If the car got damaged during racing, the Super Cars suspension and the brakes would not work at all.

The team decided to make the car available for anyone to race it.

All of the parts of the new car have to be purchased separately from the original model, and there are no warranties or guarantees that the parts will perform as intended.

It all has to be done by the customer himself, and he has to drive the car for about two years before he can actually drive it.

The original car is only available for use by the Super-Car team.

What people are saying about this supercar: The Super Car team is currently working on making the car open source.

Its currently only available to buy from CarboSociety, so people who want to make this car themselves can start from scratch, or if you want to customize it, you could start with the parts that Carbo Society has available.

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