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How I spent $3,000 on an exotic car rental in Michigan

The American Conservatives’ Car Rentals blog published a lengthy article this week about the “costly” costs of renting a car in Michigan.

The blog described its research, which included “multiple trips” to Michigan and several cities, as a “tour de force” that “revealed an expensive, but common, practice that drives up rents for many luxury cars and other expensive vehicles.”

The blog’s co-author, Michael T. Stiles, said the blog’s findings were “incredibly troubling,” and the “consumers of luxury vehicles, the rich, and even some politicians have been paying for this luxury rental for years.”

The Michigan car rental industry is one of the most expensive in the country, the blog said, with average rental prices at $3.6 million per vehicle.

In Michigan, the average annual rental price for a luxury vehicle is $21,500, and the average monthly rental fee is $1,700, according to the blog.

“We have seen that luxury cars can have a much higher cost than they are worth,” Stiles wrote.

“Many luxury car rentals are being rented for months at a time.”

Stiles and the blog co-authors, Brian Houghton and Robert Ries, both drove from California to Michigan for the trip.

The car rental company they booked their car for, CarMax, told The American Press the car rental price was based on the price of a used car in the market, not a brand-new vehicle.

Houghton, who is also a researcher for the American Conservative, said he was able to get a “pretty decent” car for $3 million.

But, he said, the rental company was willing to charge a fee to rent the vehicle, even though the rental car was only a few months old.

“The car has been sitting around for a couple years,” Houghston said.

“It is pretty expensive.

The owner is trying to save money, but the rental companies price tag makes me feel like the rental was just a waste of money.”

A rental company spokesperson told The Associated Press that the company does not comment on its customers.

CarMax spokesman Steve Johnson said that the car’s owner has been contacted about the rental.

A representative for a rental company in Michigan told The AP that it does not rent luxury vehicles.

Ridership in the luxury car rental market is growing rapidly, according the blog, and car rental companies are trying to find ways to make the rental more affordable.

The average rental fee for a car is $3.,500, the site noted, with the average car costing between $22,500 and $28,500.

Stiles, the author of the blog post, said it was “extremely rare” for an average car rental to be rented for less than $1 million.

Stiles said the car was “a well-equipped, high-performance car” and “very clean” in every way.

The blog said the rental “was a great experience.”

“This is definitely one of my top picks for a great rental experience in Michigan,” Stilings wrote.

“I have seen some great rental experiences, but this was the best experience I have ever had, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to rent a luxury car in a relatively short period of time.”