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Car rental shop in Kentucky says it’s been hit by ransomware

KYIV (AP) — A car rental company in Kentucky has confirmed it’s being hit by a ransomware attack, claiming to have had no money in its account.

The Kentucky-based Carrentals Louisville, owned by the same owners as the other Kentucky-area Carrents, said in a statement Tuesday it was hit by the ransomware on Tuesday and that it was being held at the company’s office.

The company said it’s not clear how long the cyberattack lasted, but the statement said that it has been able to recover about $3,600.

Carrents said it will reimburse customers with no payments and that its payment processing services were working normally as of Tuesday afternoon.

The statement also said that Carrentss Louisville has been notified that it is subject to a cyber attack and has been instructed to immediately cease and desist from any further activity.

The Carrentls Louisville, a company based in Louisville, Ky., said it has received reports that hackers have broken into their network.

The company said in its statement that it will have no further comment.

A cybersecurity firm, Palo Alto Networks, said Tuesday that it had received “several reports of ransomware attacks on car rental companies in the US.”

The company’s statement said the company has been working to fix the issue.

The ransomware attack comes on the heels of another ransomware attack on car rentals in the United Kingdom, according to the UK’s Telegraph newspaper.

In March, the Royal Mail and the UK Post announced they would stop accepting payments from customers after receiving reports of “a ransomware attack” targeting the UK, but said the threat had been “contained.”

Carrentss, which is headquartered in Louisville and operates across the U.S., has offices in the Washington, DC, metro area and in the Atlanta area.

Carolyn G. Schuster, a spokeswoman for Carrentons Louisville, said the state of Kentucky has been a target for cyberattacks for a long time.

She said Carrentes Louisville has experienced numerous cyberattacks in recent years.