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Car rental company says it will no longer rent cars to US veterans

Car rental giant CarRental said on Thursday it would no longer take on veterans for car rentals after years of doing so, citing a “hostile environment” in Washington.

The move follows a report in The Wall Street Journal that the Trump administration had been targeting the company’s rental business, citing complaints from veterans, veterans advocates and veterans themselves.

CarRental’s decision comes after it took on hundreds of veterans and their families for car rental.

Last year, it secured more than $2.5 million in federal loan guarantees.

In August, it announced a $1 million deal with veterans’ advocacy group American Veterans for the First Step to develop a national veterans’ car rental network.

In an email, CarRoters president and CEO Michael Glynn said the company had “no choice but to take a more responsible approach in this space” in light of recent developments.

“This is a time when veterans are looking for affordable, convenient transportation to and from their jobs and to their loved ones,” Glynn wrote.

“CarRenters is proud to offer a wide range of affordable car rental options to our clients.

The company has a robust network of partners who can help us provide this service.

We have worked hard to maintain an inclusive, respectful and respectful environment for our clients, and we will continue to do so.”

Glynn said CarRentings goal was to create a network of veteran-owned and operated car rental companies in order to provide veterans access to affordable and convenient transportation.

CarRatonals car rental service is available in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Houston.

Glynn’s company also said it was committed to working with Veterans Affairs, the U.S. military and state and local governments to provide car rental assistance.

Glynns decision comes as the Trump Administration seeks to increase the number of veterans who can access benefits for veterans.

In a report released earlier this month, the Office of Personnel Management said it plans to cut the number for veterans receiving VA disability compensation from 9,000 to 3,600 over the next five years.

The department also wants to increase payments to veterans for housing, healthcare, transportation and other essential needs.

Gannon said the veterans would be able to use CarRonders services through its existing partnership with the Veterans Benefits Administration and through a new contract.

He said the new car rental services would provide veterans with access to the same service that they would receive from CarRocs car rental company.

Car Rentals and Veterans Benefits”We will continue working with VA to expand access to veterans with disabilities in order for veterans to access the services they need,” Gannon said in the email.

“The service will also allow us to improve our service delivery to veterans and the American public in general.”

In addition to veterans, Car Rental has teamed up with veterans groups and veterans’ groups to provide access to services, including emergency medical services, medical care, employment services, transportation assistance and more.