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Why we think car rental services are a scam

RSW Car Rentals, a car rental company in Houston, has become the latest target of cryptocurrency speculation following the launch of the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency.

According to RSW’s website, its business model is based on renting out cars through a “one-stop shop” service, which requires customers to provide a unique credit card number and a mobile number.

The cardholders pay the company a monthly fee for the use of the service, with the remaining proceeds going to RSL.

According the company’s website , “RSW is the only car rental service in the Houston area that offers the most reliable, hassle-free, and fast car rental experience to customers, all with no hidden fees, no annual service fees, and no credit card or bank account restrictions.”

RSW is also the only company in the area to accept Bitcoin Cash, a cryptocurrency that is used for transactions within the Bitcoin network.

“Our car rental business model has always been based on our mission to provide the highest quality car rental in Houston,” said RSW president, Mike Schoen.

“We will continue to be the premier car rental agency in the region for all our clients.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service experience with a high-quality rental experience.”

A screenshot of RSW website.RSW Car Rental currently offers cars to customers from Houston to Phoenix, and from Phoenix to Orlando, Fla., as well as the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Dallas-New Braunfels metro area.

However, it has since stopped leasing cars in Dallas, citing rising demand from other car rental companies.

However, the company does offer cars to renters from San Diego and New York City, as well.

RSW currently operates a fleet of nearly 200 cars, which has grown over the years from 250 cars to over 1,000 cars.

The company also offers its customers the ability to rent a vehicle at any time of the day or night for a monthly charge of $1,500 to $1.50 per hour.

According RSW, its current fleet of vehicles includes vehicles for a variety of clients, including students, families, and small businesses.

According to RNW’s website itself, “We believe that if you are a student, or need a safe place to rent your car, our service is the best in Houston.”

“The RSW car rental network offers the highest level of security and privacy,” said Schoen, adding that his company’s service is also “free to lease to renters of any age, anywhere in the country.”

The Houston market has also seen a surge in cryptocurrency investments in the last month.

In late December, the cryptocurrency market value surpassed $100,000 for the first time, and as of today it is now worth more than $5 million.