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Why a car rental company won’t take a Lyft ride to a concert

The car rental startup Car2go has been forced to cancel a trip to Nashville to help out an elderly couple who were stranded in the middle of the night by Hurricane Irma.

The couple, who live in Tennessee, were unable to get a ride home from the venue of a concert on Oct. 12 because of flooding and other problems in the city.

The company said Monday it would not take a car from Chattanooga to help the couple.

“Our hearts are with the Tennessee couple, and we understand their situation,” Car2GO CEO and CEO Andrew Carver said in a statement.

“However, we are not providing transportation for the trip.”

Car2Go said the couple’s situation was due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

The couple is planning to go to a wedding in Florida next month and will be moving their family there on Sunday.

They’re currently staying in a hotel in Miami and have been unable to find an Airbnb in the area.

“We have been forced into making a decision that we do not want to participate in the wedding,” Carver wrote.

The travel agency also said it was canceling a trip from Austin, Texas, to Seattle, Wash., for a family trip.

Car2gos travel partner, Kayvan, said in an email that the couple was still waiting for a hotel to open up in Seattle.

“After the hotel opened, we had no place to stay in Seattle,” Kayvan said.

“The only hotel in Seattle that was ready to give us the room was a hotel.

Our travel partner was not available to provide any accommodation for us, and now we are in a situation where we need to get an Airbnb and the hotel opens up.”

Kayvan told The Associated Press on Monday that she was still working out details of a hotel that would accommodate the family.

Kayvan declined to say how many people could be in the trip.

“It’s not a lot of people.

We will be doing the last minute calculations and doing some research and we will figure out a way for people to come,” she said.

The city of Seattle and the airport said they were “in contact” with the family and planned to help arrange for the car rental trip to come to an end.

Carriers that handle hotel reservations are required to help in the disaster.

The Transportation Department is still working with hotel groups to coordinate for hotel rooms and transport for the people and their belongings, the agency said.