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What happens when you take the car from the rental car to the house

It’s hard to tell from the video what exactly is going on, but it seems the rental company is making a big deal out of the car being parked in a parking lot at the back of the house, a practice it is still using in a number of states.

However, as the company explains in the video, it’s not an unusual practice in the industry: “We’re using this as a way of reducing the risk of collision, especially when people drive their own cars.”

It’s unclear whether the company has used this technique to save on parking costs.

According to the New York Times, a survey of the industry found that just 6 percent of car rental companies use this technique, which was actually down from a peak of 19 percent in 2010.

In some cases, the rental companies say they have installed surveillance cameras that can be turned on when the rental vehicle is parked in their parking lot.

The New York Post says the company’s parking policies are stricter than the rental industry, but the company doesn’t specify exactly what kind of cameras it uses.

A company spokesperson told the New Yorker that the company only uses a camera system in certain locations, such as in the driveway, garage, and parking lot, to ensure that the rental is parked safely.

The video doesn’t show exactly what happens when the car is parked, but there are other methods of saving money on parking.

According in the New England Journal of Medicine, parking can also be avoided by installing an automatic parking meter, which the company calls “a simple, cost-effective solution.”

But, like the rental program, there are also other methods to save money.

For example, in some cases a company may simply have a contractor use a truck or trailer to drive the car to a new location, the New Hampshire Lawyer explains.

“They can just drive it in a rented spot,” the company said.

“If they have a rental car, that is the same thing, except they’ll do it in another state.”