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The 10 Worst Car Rental Deals In Hawaii

Posted November 29, 2018 08:53:30 The Honolulu-based rental company Car Renter Hawaii recently came under fire for allegedly charging the average Hawaii rental car rental a rental price of $1,100 per month.

The company claimed to have a zero-discount rate.

However, the company has since been forced to apologize, and has promised to review its pricing practices.

Now the Hawaii-based company has pulled the plug on its online reservation system.

The news comes just a week after Honolulu’s public health commissioner sent a letter to the company asking it to immediately cease its “unethical” practices.

Car Rentals Hawaii has now been taken offline.

It says it has suspended all of its online booking and payment systems and is “rebuilding our infrastructure” to make sure it does not resume online booking.

Car Rentals Hawaii, which operates in Hawaii, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, had been selling its car rental services for about a year.

The Hawaiian company claimed that it was the first car rental company to offer low-cost car rental to Hawaii, and said that it “has a commitment to providing the best rental experience for all of our customers.”

The Hawaii-owned company said it was “not aware of any instances of a consumer or other Hawaii resident being charged higher rental rates than their local market rate.”

Car Rents Hawaii said in a statement that it would review its booking system and would “immediately suspend the reservation system” and “evaluate the effectiveness of our new online booking systems and our process for accepting reservations.”

Hawaii’s Public Health Commissioner has since issued a statement saying that the department “strongly condemns” Car R Rentals’ practices, which he said are “unacceptable.”

The commissioner said that Car Rrentals has “abused its position as a public health authority to enrich itself.”

Hawaii is one of the most affordable places to rent a car, and a recent survey found that about 30 percent of the public in the state said they had considered car rental for a month.