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New ‘Catch 22’ trailer is set to debut on Netflix in December 2018

It’s a story of a car rental bar in New York City, where a group of people must save a car in a storm and then have to get it back.

The trailer, which will premiere on Netflix on December 4, follows the journey of the group of men as they try to find the car.

The new trailer will be filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana and stars Tom Cruise as the leader of the car rental company and Jennifer Connelly as the character of a “crazy old lady” (not her real name) with a car that was stolen in a hurricane.

In the trailer, the men have to make it to New York and get the car back, and then the trailer starts to play a flashback, as they find out the car is a stolen car and the car was stolen from a family that was renting the car out.

This is the first time we’ve seen a trailer for the movie, and it comes just after a major trailer for The Jungle Book was released.

The Jungle book is set in New Zealand, and the trailer for this film will be a return to that location for the film, as the film takes place in New Jersey.