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NASCAR star Carl Edwards Jr. signs a deal with HNL car rental, car rental website

CARL EDWARDS Jr. has signed a deal to lease a HNL vehicle, according to sources familiar with the situation.

The 24-year-old driver was the first NASCAR driver to sign a lease with a HONL company.

The deal with the brand is worth $6,500 per month and would start in January 2019, according the sources.

Edwards was previously an on-air personality for CBSSports.com and NASCAR.com.

He will make $1,000 per race, plus a $200 bonus for being the top-10 finisher, according an official with the HON, which owns HNL.

The car is a 2017 Ford Fusion and Edwards will drive it on track for the HNL brand.HONL car rental is the largest brand for NASCAR, which has been losing a large percentage of its car rentals to online car rental companies.

In April, NASCAR announced it was pulling out of the HONDL rental market and partnering with HONR to run its own brand of rental cars.

The partnership allowed NASCAR to keep its cars at NASCAR’s racetracks.

In 2018, NASCAR added the HNNL brand to its car rental network and added the exclusive HONLSHORT brand to their cars.