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How to make the perfect ‘gift card’ for your boss

A card that says ‘I want you to pay me $25’ can be a perfect gift for your bosses.

The card may not be easy to decipher but it’s sure to be memorable.

Here are seven tips to get your card to work.


Include the card number, expiration date and the name of the person who needs to make a payment.

If you have a card that can be used to pay for things such as rent, groceries, and gas, include a number on the front.

A card with this number can be useful for getting your boss to pay, or you can give a card number that’s easier to remember and to use.2.

Choose the right gift card type.

If your boss requires cash, a cashier’s check, a debit card, or credit card, include the name and address of the card issuer.

A credit card can also be a good option, since it’s less likely to be seized.

Make sure that the card has a balance.3.

Choose a type that’s easy to remember.

Don’t be afraid to ask for your card number or expiration date, because they can make your cards more valuable to you.

Be sure to put a small photo of yourself on the card.4.

Include a photo of the gift card.

If the card is made out of metal or plastic, make sure that you include a photo on the back of the box or inside the box.5.

Include an address on the gift box.

If it’s in the form of a phone number, include that as well.6.

Include directions.

The more details you include on the package, the better.

Make your package accessible and easily accessible.7.

Include payment instructions.

Paying with cash is an option for many people, but it can also save you money.

Include instructions for how to pay.

For example, if your boss needs cash for a birthday party, include instructions for paying for the birthday party with cash.

If paying with credit card payments, you can include instructions that will help your boss make the payment.

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