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How to get a rental car in Hawaii

A car rental service that lets travelers rent cars from local car rental companies in Hawaii is gaining momentum in the state.

The service, Orbitz Car Rental, allows travelers to rent vehicles at one of the company’s locations and then bring them home when they need to.

The company’s Honolulu office has more than 400 cars in its fleet, and the Honolulu office also operates a car rental company called CarRental Hawaii, according to the company website.

Car rental companies are required by the state of Hawaii to provide drivers with a vehicle identification number and an on-board computer to complete driver’s license applications.

But the state has a “voluntary” ban on the use of identity documents to verify a driver’s identity.

According to the website, the service’s Hawaii location allows for its drivers to rent cars at discounted rates.

However, a recent study found that about 90 percent of the cars rented to drivers in the service in Hawaii have been stolen.