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Car rental: Get ready for the worst of the weather

The Queensland Government has warned drivers to be prepared for bad weather and the worst car rental prices.

It has warned that if you are looking for car rental in the Sunshine Coast you are going to have to pay more than usual because of bad weather.

“Drivers should be aware that they may be charged more for rental vehicles than usual,” a Queensland Government statement read.

For example, if you book a car rental through the car rental company, the price of a rental vehicle will be higher than normal.

You could also find yourself paying more for a car than you would normally pay.

A car rental is usually paid for by a company, but it could be another one of your friends or relatives, a neighbour or another driver.

If you have to make a big booking, you may be able to get a lower rate.

But it is unlikely you will be able afford the price.

The state’s peak body for car renters has urged people to be careful about what they book.

We urge everyone to book for car rentals in good weather, not in bad weather, it said in a statement.

Many drivers have complained about the high prices charged for rental cars in the past.

This week, Queensland State Government said it was investigating a number of complaints about rental car prices in the state.

One driver was left with an “exorbitant” bill and the driver of a vehicle in Brisbane said they had to pay for a week’s car rental to cover a trip that had been booked months ago.

Read more: Queensland government says it’s investigating complaints about car rental ratesIn a statement, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she was “not surprised” by the price increase.

“[Queensland] is in the midst of a severe winter and this is the first time we’ve had a severe drought,” she said.

Ms Palaschuk said there was no reason why a person could not rent a car in good condition.

She said it would be an act of kindness to give a driver a car free of charge.

Queenslanders could expect to pay around $10,000 more for the car if a car is rented in bad or wet weather, she said, saying that would be on top of the $50,000 per car that drivers were already paying for.

Another Queensland Government spokesperson said Queensland drivers were encouraged to book in good conditions and to make the most of their car rental.

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