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Car rental company offers free travel in China to students

A car rental company in China offers a free trip to some of its students.

The company, CarRental, is based in Shandong province and its services are offered to more than 40,000 students in the city of Chengdu.

“The students have a great opportunity to get free travel to some countries,” said a CarRent driver.

The students are eligible for discounts on car rental rates and to get their own cars for the duration of the trip.

CarRrent says it offers about a 30% discount on average on the car rental fee.

According to CarRento, the student will also get a $5 discount on the first month’s rental fee for the entire trip.

The trip starts at about 5pm and ends around 7:30pm.

The CarRenton website states the cost for a one-way trip is about $6,200.