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What you need to know about car rentals in Tulsa

TULSA (AP) – Tulsas car rental companies have said that they are considering expanding the number of car rentals for some businesses in downtown Shreveport after the city voted overwhelmingly against a proposal that would have allowed them to do so.

The cities attorney general’s office said Friday that they had received a letter from a leasing company that said it had applied to expand car rental services.

The letter was sent Thursday.

It said the company is seeking approval from the city to expand service in downtown and north Shreveports.

The letter did not specify how many locations the company would be able to serve in downtown.

The company said in the letter that it has about 300 locations in Shreve, north Shandreport and downtown Shandaleport.

The city council voted 5-0 in favor of the Shreve city charter amendment, which would have granted limited permits to lease cars from car rental agencies.

Shreve officials said the ordinance would have forced them to expand their services to serve more people in the city.

Tulsas Mayor Mark Keough said he believes the city should have been given more time to study the issue and find a solution.

“I think the people of Shreve and the people in Shandport have said, ‘Enough is enough, and we’re going to have to get to a point where we don’t have these services,’ ” Keough told The Associated Press.

“The cities attorneys have said they will work with us to get this resolved.”

The proposal was proposed by a group of Shandamans businesses called the Shandac Car Rental Association, which represents the majority of the city’s car rental businesses.

The group said in a news release that it’s looking for ways to expand its services to accommodate the demand.

The car rental industry in Toulouse, a city of about 4.2 million people, is also looking to expand.

In 2016, Toulon became the first French-speaking city in the United States to allow auto rental companies to offer car rentals.

It is a model city with a relatively small population of about 200,000, about half of the total population.

The Toulons proposal was met with fierce opposition from the taxi industry, which has complained that the city is imposing a tax on the taxi business.

Taxi drivers in Toussaint have said the proposal would hurt their businesses and the community.

Toulon City Council President Bill McKechnie says that the taxi drivers have been saying, ‘No, we’re not going to pay the tax, and if you have a taxi business, you’re going out of business, and you’re not getting a tax cut, you know, and all this sort of thing.

And that’s what they’re going for.’