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How to save on car rental deals

A new article about car rental sites, and the new site Bajr, which is launching today, is getting attention.

Bajrs site is a marketplace where you can reserve car rental car rentals for the next few weeks.

The site has a “reserve now” button which can be clicked to buy a car rental for the price of the next week.

The car rental offers range from a low-end car to a luxury car.

The website’s website has a banner which displays the car rental prices and a map showing the best car rental places in the area.

The article claims to offer deals on the best places to rent a car, but no details are given about the specific places.

BajaRentals.com is the latest example of a new car rental site which is being pushed by car rental companies, who are trying to expand their business in a competitive market.

In an interview with Time, Bajrang said: “The car rental business is a very volatile business.

I think if you look at the data from 2015, the car rentals were in decline.

That’s why people are going into the car business.

We are now seeing the car market rebound and that’s really good news for us.”

The website Bajrus.com has also been featured in a number of news stories.

The first article in the Times, for example, described how people are finding ways to rent their own cars to be able to travel around the world without spending a fortune.

Bajrang, the second new car booking site to come to market, also has a similar business model.

In a recent article on Cars.com, the company was able to say: “Bajr is the largest online car rental company in the country with over 40 million customers.

Our goal is to help you save money by renting cars online and letting you explore all of the great places around the globe.”

The company also offers car rentals at different rates and has an app which allows people to reserve a car for the day, a week, or a month.

Bijra.com also launched today, and will be competing with the BajRenters.com.

While there are many other car rental websites, like Bajra.co.uk and Bajrakr.com , they all have different business models and pricing models.

Bjr is targeting car rental customers who have a budget, or who are on a budget.

The company offers a range of car rental cars and a variety of car types for a small fee.

This is the second car rental startup that Bajras launch today, after Bajs.com which was launched in January.