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How to avoid the bad-weather penalties that may haunt the Cardiff Blues

According to Football Italian, the Cardiff City Football Club (CCFC) have made it clear that they are not going to let the bad weather affect their performances at the Cardiff Capital Stadium this season. 

On Tuesday, the CCFC announced that they will not be using the rain delay system this season, instead having the team’s stadium rain delays installed by the stadium authorities.

The delay system will have a capacity of 500m2 for each team and will be used during the match.

The rain delays will be installed in three locations in Cardiff City’s stadium: in the first section, in the third section, and in the second section.

The CCFC are yet to announce the exact locations, but the CCF will make it clear if they are using the correct location.

The rain delays are not the first time the CC FC have used the rain delays system to deal with the weather, as they also installed the rain gates to the Cardiff International Stadium last season.

 The rain gates are currently being installed by Swansea City and will open to the public on the morning of December 2nd, which will be a day later than usual.