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Apple and Microsoft unveil a new app for Apple Watch

Apple has announced the launch of a new Apple Watch app that lets users rent cars in different cities, and Microsoft has released its own version.

Apple’s CarRent app for iPhone and iPad, available now on both platforms, lets users book a car rental through a combination of a smartphone app and a website.

CarRental will also let users find out about nearby restaurants and other attractions, with Apple allowing the option to filter based on their interests and car types.

Apple’s Car Rent app will be available in the Apple Watch App Store and in the Microsoft Store for both iOS and Android devices.

Apple is also launching a new feature for the Apple Watches on the Apple website called CarRenting in the Car, where users can choose to view a car in their local area, or to rent a car to someone else.

CarRent is one of a number of new apps from Apple and others in an effort to promote Apple Watch in a new environment where there are few options for consumers to rent or buy a car.

Apple has said that its Apple Watch was a major driver in the launch and sale of the device in 2017.

Apple Watch users have long been a target for counterfeiters looking to steal their Apple Watched accessories.

In the past, Apple has offered refunds and repairs to customers, but those efforts have been limited to limited parts and services.

The CarRents app is designed to be used with a variety of Apple Watch devices, including the Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and the Apple MacBook Pro, Apple Watch Series 6 and Series 7, and the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, the company said in a statement.