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Alaskan car rental: Colorado, Alaska home to the best car rental in the state

ALASKA, Alaska — With a lot of tourists and tourists coming from other states, Colorado and its surrounding towns and cities have the potential to become an important destination for car rental companies.

That is why the town of Alaskas largest car rental company is going out of its way to make sure the city is in a good position to be the destination for cars.

The company recently added two new car rental locations, one in downtown Alaskans downtown shopping district and one in Alasks former home of the Blackjack and Tijuana casino.

“Our goal is to get cars to Colorados people and that’s our goal, to get the people to Coloradoes people,” said Mike Miller, president of Colorados largest car rentals company.

Colorados car rental has been in operation since 2013.

Miller said that he has noticed a change in car rentals in the area of the resort town.

In addition to new car rentals, the company is adding to its list of services to help customers get their cars serviced.

Customers who sign up for its services can pick up their vehicles at its downtown location, located at 1660 North Washington Avenue.

For more information on the company, visit https://www.coloradoscarrentals.com