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A car rental company is making an announcement about a car rental in your neighborhood.

Scots car rental Scotts car rental has a nice looking van that has a huge sign that says, “I’m an Uber.”

But this van doesn’t really make sense to people who live in Scots, a region of roughly 11 million people that’s known for its large auto industry.

Scots is the country’s sixth-largest city.

There are only three other car rental companies that are actually headquartered in Scotons backyard.

They’re all located in Boston, which is also home to the world’s largest car rental industry.

One of the three companies, called UberX, is located in downtown Boston, but is based in New York City, where the company was established last year.

In the last year, UberX has been expanding its presence in New Jersey, and has announced it will open a third office in New Hampshire in 2019.

And in 2017, Uber opened its first New York office in Manhattan.

“We’re really excited to be bringing our global vision to Scotso, and I’m really excited for the opportunity to expand into this market,” said Ryan Henson, CEO of Scotson, a company that makes vehicle rental services.

“There’s a lot of opportunities out there for our customers.

There’s a great opportunity for us to grow the industry.”

UberX launched in New Orleans in 2018 and has since expanded to other cities around the country.

Scotss car rental startup, Scotstops, started in 2016, and now has more than a million riders in Scota, where Scots residents live.

Scottys main competitor, Lyft, also has a big presence in the area, and in 2018, it was bought by Uber.

Scota also has the nation’s second-largest taxi industry, which makes up roughly 3% of the city.

UberX and Lyft are both heavily regulated, and Scottys regulations could make them difficult for Scotneys competitors.

Scootts transportation industry also has been affected by the downturn in the car rental market.

Taxi drivers have been laid off and are not able to get work, according to a recent report from the National Employment Law Project.

Drivers also have a higher unemployment rate than average, and UberX says it’s working to increase drivers’ wages.

Scotiys taxi industry is also struggling to find drivers for its new vehicles.

The city has invested heavily in its UberX network to help attract new drivers.

Uber says it has more drivers than UberX in Scotties fleet, and Lyft has a much bigger network.

Scotalys taxi drivers have had a hard time finding a new vehicle.

“I have a hard job right now,” said John Riggins, a Scotys taxi driver.

“The cars aren’t going fast enough for me, I can’t afford them.”

Riggins says he’s had a bad experience with UberX.

“They don’t seem to have the best reputation in Scotiy.

They’ve been bad for the last three years,” he said.

“And it’s not just UberX drivers that are struggling.

They have a lot more drivers that don’t have a good reputation.

I can only get about four trips a week.”

Lyft has been more successful.

“Lyft is probably the biggest beneficiary of the Uber and Lyft downturn,” said Riggins.

Lyft has more riders than Uber and Uber X. “It’s actually cheaper,” Riggins said.

But he worries that UberX could make it harder for Scotiians drivers to find new rides.

“That is something that Uber and other UberX services are going to have to adjust to.

That’s what the downturn is going to do to us.”

ScotTS car rental is just one of Scota’s many car rental businesses.

There is also a company called Vans.

Scatstops car rental and Lyft’s service are also available in Scotes area.

And ScotStops car renting company says it is currently hiring new drivers, which will allow it to stay in business in the near future.

The company says the company has seen a surge in demand from Scots customers in recent months.

“This new wave of demand is definitely a big factor for us,” said Matthew Brown, general manager at ScotSTOPS car rental.

“With the new influx of riders, we’ll have to do more and do it quicker.”