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Why Mexico’s car rental market is still one of the cheapest in the world

The country’s car renting industry is still the cheapest of any major Latin American country, with one in six people having used a car in Mexico City in 2017, according to a new study by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The study, which looked at the prices of cars and trucks on the streets of the country, found that there are now a total of 4.6 million vehicles available to rent in Mexico.

While the study was done by a different company, it did provide an overview of the prices across the country.

In terms of overall rental prices, the study found that one in three people in Mexico rents a vehicle, while one in eight people does the same in Tijuana, the capital of the Gulf of Mexico.

However, the survey also found that, compared to other Latin American countries, prices are not as high as they were a few years ago.

A study released last month by the Mexican Institute of Transportation Studies found that Mexico’s average monthly rental cost was $2,946 in 2017.

A recent study by the Federal Transportation Authority showed that Mexico had one of Mexico’s highest vehicle occupancy rates of 85 percent in 2017 and one of highest occupancy rates in the country of just 1.6 percent.

The data also showed that car rentals accounted for 2.4 percent of total sales in the year ending in June.

However the data also revealed that Mexico did not have a comparable car rental industry in the United States.

In 2018, the number of rentals in the US dropped by 10 percent from the previous year.

“The car rental sector in Mexico is not as popular as it used to be, but it still exists and is very popular in Mexico,” said Roberto Varela, an analyst with Pricewaterhos.

“There are more and more people who are choosing to rent a car.”

In Mexico, people who rent a vehicle do so through an agency such as a company or a person who owns a vehicle.

However in 2017 some people rented cars outright and others through an individual, as long as they could get a ride from the person or company they chose.

In Mexico the number who rent cars directly through the agency is still relatively small, with only 7,000 registered vehicles and only 5,000 owned by residents.

While renting through a vehicle agency is becoming more common in the Mexican market, in 2017 a third of those vehicles in the nation were rented through rental companies, according the study.

“Renting a vehicle directly through an independent agency is a common practice in the Mexico market,” Varel said.

“We found that it’s very lucrative, especially for people who have already built up their credit.”

Mexico has a population of 2.5 million, and the country’s economic growth has been slowing in recent years.

The economy grew by 2.6% in the last fiscal year, and GDP per capita increased by just 0.4%.

Varellas research found that in the past two years the number that rented a vehicle through a car agency has increased by 5.6%.

Verela added that the study also showed the popularity of renting cars through companies.

“While many people do not like to use an independent car rental agency because of its high price tag, in the beginning, there were a lot of people who preferred to rent cars on their own,” Verel said, referring to the people who rented vehicles directly through rental firms.

“In the future, this will be a trend that will grow, and it will become a way of life.”