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IAH Car Rental Cozumela in Iah, Guatemala: ‘We have an advantage over the other three’

IAH car rental company,iah has been operating in Guatemala for more than five years.

But its success in Guatemala has not always been so easy. 

The company has been able to survive the loss of key staff and the economic turmoil that has plagued the country. 

IAH car rentals have seen some ups and downs over the years, but its the recent economic crisis that has seen the company struggle to recover. 

 According to IAH spokesperson, Carla Baca, the company has seen its revenues decrease by approximately 80% in the past five years due to the economic downturn. 

“We have been struggling to survive and the only thing that keeps us going is the generosity of our customers,” she said. 

According a 2017 article, car rental companies across the world are experiencing a downturn in the tourism industry as the government is cracking down on businesses and forcing companies to close. 

It is not uncommon for car rental services to experience a downturn because of the social stigma associated with renting a vehicle. 

Some of these companies may not be able to afford to continue operating because of economic and political factors.

“We don’t have the money to continue to operate, so we are going to close our doors and we are not going to hire people anymore,” Baca said.

Baca said IAH had recently been working with local businesses to try and create a more stable business environment. 

She said Iah was planning to create a new car rental space in Iahu, a small town in the Guadalajar State of Guatemala. 

As the car rental business continues to struggle, it is important for IAH to continue making sure its services are available to the Guatemalan community.

 “It is a business that will continue to be successful and it will continue growing,” she added.

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